Workshop Pre-Work

Your assignment, should you chose to accept, is to critically review the graphs below and pick one plot that you think has an issue, that could be improved.  Improve it.  Place the improved version in a one-slide PowerPoint presentation.  Make sure your name is on the slide.  Send the result by email with the subject HOMEWORK II&I to Mark Jones (middle initial E in the Dow directory) by noon on 25 June.  I will incorporate some suggestions received into the workshop and slides distributed after its completion.  By sending, you are granting me permission to incorporate your work into the workshop materials, attribute it to you and to call on you to discuss the deficiencies of the original and your improvements.  

Clicking on the plot will reveal the underlying data. 


student debt

Wind Power Cost

Meat consumption plot

original meat consumption plot from Ethanol Producer


EIA energy plot

from on 6 June 2020





global carbon dioxide emissions for 2017