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Illustrations by Mark Jones

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light spectrum

seeing color
seeing color
M&M under different light colors
seeing fluorescence
fluorescence explained
M&Ms under UV light
U235 fission explained
U-235 Fission
PFAS or not
PFAS or Not Animated GIF
steam cracking
steam cracking
  |  landmark
explanataion of chemical versus nuclear energy
Comparison of chemical and nuclear energy
multilayer packaging diagram
multilayer packaging
GC-MS explained
GCMS figures
the first GCMS
  | landmark
Explanation of GC-MS
GC-MS explained
synthetic biology figure for ACS primer
graphic on synthetic biology
GC-MS explained
GC-MS explained
PE Journey Video
journey along a PE chain
Moving molecule video
molecule moving
cracking comparison
naphtha vs. ethane
Announced Projects
announced petrochemical projects 2015
kid's battery
kids battery
battery explained
battery explained
energy density comparison
energy density comparison
lithium ion battery
lithium ion battery
lithium chemistry and voltage
anode-cathode pairs
energy density comparison
energy density
cracker feeds around the world
cracker feedstocks
stylized polyethylene
stylized polyethylene
economic pyramid
circular economy priorities
stylized polyethylene
lead in water
lead in water
fuel to food
fuel to food
commodity epoxides
rendered commodity epoxides
NNMI locations
NNMI locations png
integrated gears
rendered gears  
integrated not integrated gears
rendered gears, meshed and not meshed

rendered methane model  | raw file

rendered fracking  |  2  | raw file

rendered ethylene model

rendered propylene model

rendered butadiene model

rendered methane and ethane model

The Importance of Scale   pdf

Demonstration Layout  pdf
two-headed dragon

June 2012 EPIC Workshop site| pdf | pdf
algae coproduct effect
Algae Co-product Effect  jpg  | pdf
thumbnail of gasoline only
Car Mileage Calculator - gasoline only png pdf

all fuels
Car Mileage Calculator - all fuels png pdf
Algal Biofuels Overview

Overview of algal fuels processing jpg
Energy Comparion - January 2012
Energy Comparison from January 2012 with Argenton histograms  png  cvx

It's Alive graphicBiomass2011 presentation  pdf

Energy Comparison from May 2009
jpg  |  Canvas

Production of Lithium Ion Batteries
png  |  Canvas
diagram of fuel cell
PEM Fuel Cell
jpg  |  Canvas
lithium ion battery
Lithium Ion Battery
jpg  |  Canvas

Energy Density
jpg  |  Canvas

Sequestration Options
jpg  |  Canvas

Carbon Cycle
jpg  |  Canvas

Thermodynamic Well
jpg  |  Canvas

Oxygen Depolarization for Chlor-Alkali
jpg  |  Canvas

Chemical Industry
jpg  |  Canvas


opportunity cost
Opportunity Cost
engraved rock
Carved in Stone
Sobering Thought
Sobering Thought
sunk cost
Sunk Cost
meeting sign
too many meetings
no more lead sign
no more lead
Better paradox box
Parabox Box - better

toxic credit card
toxic credit card
weight of the world
weight of the world - big globe
Paradox box
Paradox Box
southern barbeque sign
It's all good
weight of the world graphic
weight of the world-small globe
case study magnifying glass
case study
case study on parchment
case study
sustainable lego blocks
sustainable blocks
Keurig soon to be trash
soon to be trash
danger of smoking
deadly smoke
profitable and sustainable are orthogonal
orthogonal axes
past and future signpost
past-future signpost
metal globes
the world
three pillars
three columns
chemical eggs
chemical eggs

Chemical Plant Spock  jpg
question mark
rendered question mark

Two-headed dragon  jpg

Knight  jpg
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang       png  |  Canvas
Umbrella        jpg   |  Canvas
through the door
Out the door         jpg  |  Canvas
decorated carbon graphic
Decorated carbon        jpg 
Pillar  jpg  | Canvas

    broken pillar
Broken pillar  jpg  | Canvas
It's Alive graphic
It's Alive         jpg 
                     bloom is off the cellulosic rose
Rose is off the cellulosic bloom  jpg

Signs / T-Shirts

Paying attention
T-shirt for my son during elementary school years
jpg   |  Canvas

Signage for expansion of labs
jpg  |  Canvas
Mushroom Patch
Sign for my neighbor's mushroom patch - he grows many varieties of edible fungi
jpg  |  Canvas
png image of svg graphic

Decal made for my Suburban-bragging buddy.
flaming Dow diamond

Flaming Dow logo for decal.  svg
Dead skull

Grateful Dead derivative decal art. svg
Dow Kokam lightening bolt
Dow Kokam lightening bolt. svg
Superman S logo
Superman logo.  svg
         Dow Kokam lightening bolt
Decal for custom kayak builder. svg    jpg
50th Birthday T-shirt
50th Birthday T-shirt design    svg
Dark Side Cookies
T-shirt design    svg
Pastry Doc design
T-shirt design for Pastry Doc    svg
Eat Sleep Bake
Eat Sleep Bake T-shirt design   svg
Locally Grown
Farmer's Market bag design   svg
Eat Sleep Beer
Eat Sleep Beer T-shirt design   svg
shamrock sticker
stylized shamrock    svg
circled shamrock
circled shamrock   svg
Kayak Michigan
Michigan kayak   svg
Living it UP
Living it UP T-shirt design    svg
Shamrock for trailer
Shamrock sticker for fenders   svg
Stand-up Paddleboard
Stand-Up Paddleboard   svg
Claddagh wall art   svg
Spartan helmet
Spartan helmet   svg
Great Lakes outline
Great Lakes land     svg
Roses Dad
Grateful Dad - Roses   svg
Grateful Dad bolt
Grateful Dad - Lightning Bolt   svg
Orange new black, Vader only
Orange is the New Black    svg
Lake Superior Shirt Design
Lake Superior   svg
Morel Shirt Logo
Morel Design  svg
Boulder Flatirons
Flat Irons   svg
Yin Yang        svg
Anchor      svg
angel wing
Angel Wing  svg
Midland shirt
Midland loved by boredom aficionados shirt   svg
  Layer 1
East Leonard shirt design
svg  |  cut file

I do illustrations in both Canvas and Illustrator.  Both are vector drawing programs.

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